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blending accents

this hotel was recently featured in Elle Decor for its amazing design both inside and out. i love the free- floating villa, which is one of 84 at the Balinese resort.















like a trip home

one of my favorite bloggers, the uber-talented Vanessa Jackman, recently published a special set of photos called “Weekend Life”. they were all taken on long island during the sleepy, yet immensely beautiful off-season.  it was like taking a trip home through the computer!

a modern mantra

the mirror cube, tree hotel

i saw this futuristic post on another blog and just can’t remember well. i think the work speaks for itself. for more images check out the tree hotel website.

Zaza & Sacci

in honor of a vacation filled with backgammon. look at these beautiful, sleek sets from italian company Zaza & Sacci.

southern cooking

home-made cornbread : sweet honey, spicy haberno, and jalapeño and bacon



in the previous post the stylish german women had a equally attractive german luggage set from rimova. my rimova bags have accompanied me all over the world. they are made with amazing precision and are really high quality. airlines today love to throw around bags and rimova pieces really keep your personal belongings safe(and locked up if you would like).

all images via ballerhouse


murray’s cheese platter: (fontina, aged cheddar, brie, hard goat cheese and gouda)

roasted vegetables: squash,beets, potatoes, fennel, brussel sprouts and carrots

green salad

wild rice salad, with cranberries, walnuts and portabello mushrooms



home-made cranberry sauce

pumpkin pie

banana bread and mini vegan gingerbread rounds


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