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city bakery

one of my favorite ways to treat myself is a trip to city bakery, especially after a hard soul cycle class. they have fabulous coffee, baked good and prepared foods. our favorite is is the pretzel crossaint.



a cup of JOE

this coffee bar is a true west village gem located on Waverly place- the only downside is the coffee is so strong i will literally be buzzing around all day long after this cappuccino…


chopped brussel sprout salad

have you ever coveted food? we all covet bags, jewels, dogs. you name it, i have wanted it. this salad was inspired by frankies 570, a ┬árustic restaurant located in the west village. raw brussel┬ásprouts are surprisingly good, crunchy and not overly flavorful, mixed with cheese and seeds it’s a winner.

chopped brussel sprout salad with a lemon feta dressing

20 brussel sprouts

1 block feta cheese

4 tablespoons roasted & salted pumpkin seeds

1 lemon

olive oil

wash, dry and finely chopped your brussel sprouts and place into a large bowl.

take the feta cheese, cut it in half. crumble half onto the salad and place the other half in a small whisking bowl.

to the feta in the bowl add the juice of 1 squeezed lemon and olive oil to taste. mix all together until you have a creamy lemon feta dressing.

toss salad with dressing and garnish with pumpkin seeds


if you live in new york and have yet to visit taim, do yourself a favor a go soon. it is my favorite falafel in the whole city and one of serious eats favorite as well. you can get it in a pita sandwich or plain. my favorite order is a greek salad(they have the best) along with mixed falafel platter.










via serious eats (they know good food)


macro plate: acorn squash, brown rice, beans, steamed greens, carrots, hijiki seaweed & seasme vinagrette from Souen.

naturally good




carribbean sweet potatoe & butternut squash soup







naturally good salad, no cheese


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